Beneath New Skies / The Cossack Review Issue 7 (Winner of the 2016 October Prize for Fiction; Finalist for the 2016 Salamander Fiction Prize)

Hold Fast / South Dakota Review Volume 52, Nos. 3&4 

Beyond the Row's End / Blue Earth Review, Issue 17

The Inheritance of Hope / Vagabond (Bulgaria)

Orientation / 2016 Articulated Short Fiction Anthology, edited by Nora Boxer and Kelly Luce (Finalist for the 2019 New Millennium Writing Awards)


Interplanetary Postcards: Lessons from the Martian School of British Poetry / Ploughshares

Remembering Forward: History Reclaimed through Poetry / Ploughshares

A Gathering of Particulars: On Building a Word-Hoard / Ploughshares

The Formal Imagination of Oulipo / Ploughshares

The Physical Body in the Psychological Novel: On Knut Hamsun’s Hunger / Ploughshares

The Narrowed Divide: Of Stylists, Shape-Shifters, and Multiple Aesthetics / Ploughshares

Behind Every Typeface, a History / The Loft Literary Center Writers' Block

Writers: The Ultimate Athletes / The Loft Literary Center, Writers' Block


Dario Robleto, for Ploughshares

Odette Drapeau, for Ploughshares

Book Reviews

Human Acts by Han Kang, for The Washington Post

Solar Bones by Mike McCormack, for Chicago Review of Books

Swallowed by the Cold by Jensen Beach, for The Rumpus

Spill Simmer Falter Wither by Sara Baume, for Ploughshares

This is Why I Came by Mary Rakow, for Ploughshares